What is Infinite Change Process?


It is the culmination of over 30 years of private research on how the conscious and subconscious minds work and process information. The Infinite Change Process communicates with the Subconscious Mind and gets that part of the mind to release Negative Emotions, Trauma, Subconscious Programming, and Limiting Beliefs…PERMANENTLY!


Infinite Change Process and How It Works With 

German New Medicine

Thermal image Guidance Scale ICP pub
Mind Model Iceberg ICP2 pub
Mind Model Iceberg ICP pub
ICP Subconscious Filing System
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What is the Conscious Mind?

The conscious mind is your mind when you are awake and aware.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind (SC) is the part of your mind that is “below the surface” it is where your memories are stored and that part of the mind does things for you like breathe, repair a cut, and beat your heart without you having to think about it.

What are Negative Emotions?

When something you experience makes you feel bad.

Who would you be without your past negative emotions, trauma, subconscious programming, and negative beliefs?