What is Infinite Change Process?

Infinite Change Process is the culmination of over 30 years of private research on how the conscious and subconscious minds work and process information. The Infinite Change Process communicates with the Subconscious Mind and gets that part of the mind to release Negative Emotions, Trauma, Subconscious Programming, and Limiting Beliefs…PERMANENTLY!

What is the Conscious Mind?

The conscious mind is your mind when you are awake and aware.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind (SC) is the part of your mind that is “below the surface” it is where your memories are stored and that part of the mind does things for you like breathe, repair a cut, and beat your heart without you having to think about it.

What are Negative Emotions?

When something you experience makes you feel bad.

What is Trauma?

It is anything that happens that the (SC) subconscious mind perceives as a threat. Most people think trauma only comes from major life events, such as…rape, molestation, major injuries, or accidents. Trauma can also be something that was hurtful at the time, but now looking back could be perceive as minor. 

What is Subconscious Programming?

Most people experience subconscious programming as what is called Self-Sabotage, which is a protection mechanism of the (SC) subconscious mind. At some point in the past the SC perceived an event as a threat and to protect the person, the SC wants to avoid that from happening again. So, when something comes up that reminds the SC of the original trauma it does everything in its power to protect you. 

What are Limiting Beliefs?

When something happens to cause a person to reach a conclusion about themselves, for example, you are bullied at school and that causes you to conclude “I am not good enough.” If those thoughts are reinforced many times, they become limiting beliefs.

Why are making these changes important?

The subconscious mind (SC) is a million times more powerful that the conscious mind. Most of us would like to change our lives for the better, but the SC is working to protect us all the time. In all the traditional healing sciences it is believed that whatever in in the SC, you are stuck with for life. You cannot make real and lasting changes without making changes at the subconscious level of mind. Infinite Change Process makes those changes possible and permanent.

Who would you be without your past negative emotions, trauma, subconscious programming, and negative beliefs?