I’ve been studying consciousness since the mid-1970’s and have worked in the wellness field since the mid-1990’s. I have experienced different modalities and techniques for a long time. 

I also had some childhood trauma that have decreased in intensity with all the inner work I have done, however, I have never been completely rid of them. When you think you have cleared the traumas and you’ve really only downgraded them, you have no idea how they are currently impacting you because they are a subtle influence versus an obvious one. 

I was intensely curious to learn more about the Infinite Change Process with Tracey Landrum. I am always guided by my intuition when exploring new modalities for myself and for my clients and I was immediately drawn to this. I knew I needed to experience it for myself. 

I immediately booked a flight for the following week and flew 600 miles to see her. 

I had two sessions with Tracey which were mind-blowing. The first one cleared my lifelong issues with my father; the second cleared my issues with my mother. 

With all the other modalities I have experienced, my rational mind understood what was occurring during the sessions. With Tracey, I have no idea what she did. At the end of the first session, I simply felt like I had just had an enormous amount of energy work and I was famished. 

What I know is that ICP worked in a way no other modality or technique has worked. 

It has been a week since my sessions and in this week, I have seen an emergence of a new me that is clearer and stronger. 

I can no longer feel any negative emotions around my parents. It’s like the slate has been wiped clean. I still remember my old hurts and conflicts, however, there is no emotional attachment or energy surrounding them anymore. 

I am excited for my clients to experience this and also for my own future because it suddenly feels like the bar on my potential has soared much higher. The limitations I was experiencing that I couldn’t exactly pinpoint anymore because they were so subtle, are gone. The future is brighter for me and for that, I am grateful. 

I recommend ICP to everyone on the planet even if they have done a great deal of inner work. It will allow them to go further, faster. 


 6 month follow-up:

It has been 6 months since my two sessions with Tracey.  Looking back, I feel like these two sessions just scratched the surface, however, I can tell you that I am showing up differently in my relationships, I am now able to articulate myself without censoring my words nearly as much, my business is more successful than ever, and I’m happier and more content.

And I would say I was a pretty happy, content, successful person before the sessions yet, somehow, these traits have all been amplified.  The two sessions with Tracey are what I can trace this change to.  It was slow at first, and then it felt as though barriers kept falling away. Barriers that had always been present were now surmountable.

It’s as if ICP allows you to be more of who YOU are.  Instead of re-acting from patterns, you have a fresh slate, or at least a fresher slate, to manifest the core of all that is you.  I am grateful.

Andi Locke Mears
German New Medicine Teacher & Consultant Co-Founder: USAGNM.com

How to begin?

A little background first. I am a 68 year old female.

I have been exploring the world of Spirit for a few years now through meditation and been given good clear messages. In my daily practice I was, with the help of Spirit, able to go through a process of scanning the body for stuck energy and with their help able to remove some of it from my body. Each time I was successful I would feel the relief of painful memories, physical pain and or a "lightening" of the body.

My goal for my practice was to become as clear a "vessel" as possible to allow the free flow of Divine Energy in me.

As the Universe will show you, when you ask, just the right people and situations come into your life. Which it did!

Synchronicity in action brought Tracey into my life, or should I say, back into my life.  We had met years ago and had lost touch with each other over time.

When I learned about what she was doing I knew that this was a means to meet my goal. I even asked Spirit if the treatment she offered would be a benefit to me and the answer was "Yes, you could do this work yourself but it will take a long time. Tracy will be able to do what you want much faster like a shortcut to your desire".

Well that is all it took, well not really.

Still being a little sceptical to the process and the unknown outcome I expressed this to Tracey.  Her answer was "No problem" we will do a shortened version of my treatment for no cost that way you will be able to see for yourself the results".

That first session took place in December 2019 in my home. We began with me sitting in a chair facing North. Tracey has a very unique method which I will go into as she can explain it better than I can but here is what I experienced.

She asked me to think about a situation in my life that was very painful and to describe to her with as many details as possible which I did. This part of the session is probably the hardest part for the client as you will be immersing yourself back to that event and will be experiencing the pain all over again. She asked me to look over a printed list of emotions and asked me which ones I would say I was feeling.  When she had enough information to work with she told me to close my eyes. I did and she went to work.

From the moment she put her hands on me I could feel an energy moving within my body. There were times when it would feel like an electrical shock without the pain that comes with it.I could feel my heart rate increase and my breathing and I was feeling warm. The energy was palpable as I felt some of it moving out of my body! When she got close to the last part of this treatment she moved her hands to the crown of my head and then I could really feel the energetic movement up and out. At one point, I also saw flashing lights.

Once she was finished and I had returned to the present with eyes open. I felt like I was about 20 lbs lighter and 10 feet off the floor. I was almost shaking from the session but I felt Euphoric!

We returned to the printed sheet of emotions and she went down the list again asking how I felt now in regards to the emotional responses previously given.

After each one, I answered NO. The memory was still there but all of the negative emotions had simply left my mind and my body.  I could not stop smiling and thanking her.

Needless to say, I asked when she could schedule me next for her full treatment.

Since that first treatment she came again for a total of 7 sessions. After each subsequent treatment I just kept feeling better and better and my body felt lighter and more and more alive. These painful events and memories had been harbored in my body for a very long time; some for almost my whole life and yet now the memory of them no longer had an emotional hold on me. I was free of them and my psyche had been cleansed.

Now, when I think back to those offending events I no longer have an emotional response. The memories are there but the feelings attached to them are JUST NOT THERE.

This experience with Tracey was as close as one will come to a MIRACLE for most ordinary people.

I highly recommend her and her work to anyone and everyone. I know there are a number of people who are and have been doing work in this field, some for decades. I have read testimonials and there are probably some therapists who do wonderful work with good results. I only know one and her name is Tracey Landrum.

Peace to you and thank you for all you do